Strawberry Raspberry Jello Cups

Summer is almost here and these Strawberry Raspberry Jello Cups are the perfect dessert to cool you down on those hot days!  These beautiful layered desserts are guaranteed to wow anyone at a summer barbecue.  These only take a few ingredients and a few hours to put together. Most of the time spent to make this is chill time in the refrigerator.

These are so versitle.  You can make them as big or as small as you want.  It all depends on the size of the bowls or glasses you choose to use.  I love making these in stemless wine glasses.  You can see all the beautiful layers and they are easy to hold and they just look dang cute!  

These would be a perfect dessert for a kids birthday party.  Grab some clear plastic cups from the grocery store and start layering the jello.  How fun would that be?!  

You can absolutely use regular jello or sugar free.  I actually prefer to use the sugar free jello because then you don’t feel guilty about eating dessert, and most of us could cut out some sugar from our diets anyway.  You won’t miss the sugar, believe me.  Chris had no idea I used the sugar free jello!

When you start putting these together don’t freak out if the layers with the cool whip start to separate a little bit!  It’s going to happen, but it just kind of adds a whole extra little layer.

Strawberry Raspberry Jello Cups
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  1. 3 packages strawberry jello
  2. 2 packages Raspberry jello
  3. 2 cups cool whip
  4. Water
  1. Step 1: prepare jello according to package directions. Evenly divide the mixture into the cups or bowls you are using. Place the cups in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours until set.
  2. Step 2: Prepare jello according to package directions and add in one cup of cool whip. Stir until well combined. Divide the mixture into the cups or bowls on top of the first layer and refrigerate until set.
  3. For the third layer repeat the process for step one.
  4. For the fourth layer repeat the process for the step two.
  5. For the fifth layer repeat the process in step one.
  6. Top each jello cup with a dollop of cool whip and fresh raspberries and strawberries before serving.
  1. Use the small box of jello not the large box.
  2. Sugar free jello can absolutely be used. I prefer that to cut down on the sugar.
  3. The number of jello cups this recipe yields will depend on the size of your bowls or cups.
  4. Refrigeration times will vary as well depending on the size bowls or cups you use.
Adapted from Lauren - In the Kitchen with Lauren
Adapted from Lauren - In the Kitchen with Lauren
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